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The Association was founded in 1903 for the advancement of education by the promotion, development and maintenance of classical studies and to increase public awareness of the contribution and importance of classics to education and public life.  The Association welcomes members from all backgrounds and there are no prerequisites to membership.

The Association aims to generate income, primarily by means of subscriptions and publications sales, to finance four main areas of activity in furtherance of its objects.

All our activities are overseen by Council, our board of trustees. Where necessary, smaller committees deal with specific areas of business which require additional expertise, such as publishing or finance. Details of all CA boards and committees are given below.

  • Council

  • Grants

  • Finance

  • Journals

  • Teaching

  • Vice



Prof. W.M. Beard (University of Cambridge)


Prof. R.K. Gibson (University of Durham)

Hon. Secretary

Prof J. Robson (Open University)

Hon. Secretary
(FIEC 2019)

Dr Emma Stafford (University of Leeds)


Mr P. Hooker

Outreach Officer

Dr S. Marshall (University of Exeter)

Allied Associations' Officer

Mrs Barbara Finney


Chair of the Teaching Board

Dr P. Liddel (University of Manchester)


Elected Members

To retire 2019

Dr A. Henshaw (Nottingham Girls’ High School)
Prof. P. Kruschwitz (University of Reading)

To retire 2020

Dr E. Buckley (University of St. Andrews)
Prof I. Petrovic (University of Virginia)
Ms. H. Eckhardt (Cheadle Hulme High School)

To retire 2021

Dr L. Cresswell (Saffron Walden County High School)
Dr J. Crowley (Manchester Metropolitan University)
Dr J. Rempel (University of Sheffield)

To retire 2022

Dr H. van der Blom (University of Birmingham)
Dr J. Curran (Queen's University, Belfast)
Dr E. Gloyn (Royal Holloway, University of London)

To retire 2023

Dr A. McAuley (Cardiff University)

Co-opted Members

To retire 2019

Ms A. Abattista (Woodbridge School, Ipswich)

Invited Observers

Miss S. Parnaby (ArLT)


Prof J. Robson (Open University)


Mr P. Hooker


Dr S. Marshall (University of Exeter)


Dr A Henshaw (Nottingham Girls' High School)


Dr H. van der Blom (University of Birmingham)


Prof. R.K. Gibson (University of Manchester)

Hon. Secretary ex officio

Prof J. Robson (Open University)

Treasurer ex officio

Mr Philip Hooker

Chair of Journals Board ex officio

Prof. D.L. Cairns (University of Edinburgh)

Two ordinary members of Council



Prof. P. Kruschwitz (University of Reading)

Invited to attend


Representatives from Cambridge University Press


Representatives from MHA MacIntyre Hudson



Prof. D.L. Cairns (University of Edinburgh)

Chair of Council ex officio

Prof. R.K. Gibson (University of Manchester)

Hon. Secretary ex officio

Prof J. Robson (Open University)

Treasurer ex officio

Mr Philip Hooker

Members appointed by Council

To retire 2019

Dr Federico Santangelo (University of Newcastle)


Prof. Catherine Steel (University of Glasgow)

To retire 2021

Prof. Esther Eidinow (University of Bristol)


Prof. Diana Spencer (University of Birmingham)

Invited to attend


Representatives from Cambridge University Press


Dr John Taylor (University of Manchester)
New Surveys


Dr Phillip Horky (University of Durham)
New Surveys


Prof. Ivana Petrovic (University of Virginia)
Greece & Rome


Prof. Andrej Petrovic (University of Virginia)
Greece & Rome


Dr Roger Rees (University of St Andrews)
Classical Review


Dr Gesine Manuwald (University College, London)
Classical Review


Professor Patrick Finglass (University of Bristol)
Classical Quarterly


Prof. Bruce Gibson (University of Liverpool)
Classical Quarterly


Dr Costas Panayotakis (University of Glasgow)
Classical Quarterly


Mr Steven Hunt (University of Cambridge)
Journal of Classics Teaching



Dr P. Liddel



CA Officers ex officio

Mrs B. Finney


Prof. R.K. Gibson


Mr P. Hooker


Prof J. Robson


Dr S. Marshall


Ordinary Members

Dr A. Khan-Evans


Ms A. Boyt


Dr C. Burnand


Dr A. Pudsey


Mr R. Hancock-Jones



Invited Observers

Mr S. Hunt, Journal of Classics Teaching


Ms C.Murrant, OCR


Dr N. Lowe, CUCD


Mr A. Orgee, OCR


Prof. R. Osborne, Omnibus

* Denotes former President

*The Right Hon. The Lord Bragg, FBA
Prof. D.L.Cairns, MA, PhD, FRSE, FBA, MAE
*Sir Anthony Cleaver, MA, FBCS
Prof. C. Collard, MA, MLitt
*Prof. R. Crawford, FRSE, FBA
Ms Nina Curtis
*Ms L. Davis, MA
*Prof. P.E. Easterling, MA, FBA
Prof. R.L. Fowler, MA, DPhil, FBA
*Sir Nicholas Goodison, MA, PhD, FSA, FRSA
*Baroness Susan Greenfield
*Mrs C.M. Handley, BA
*Mr Robert Harris
*Tony Harrison
Mr J. Ellis Jones, BA, PhD, FSA
*Dr Peter Jones, MBE
Ms M. Kearney
*Prof. E.J. Kenney, MA, FBA
*Miss E. Kirkby, MA
Dr Jenny March
*Sir Fergus G.B.Millar, DLitt, DPhil, FBA, FSA
*Prof. R. Osborne, MA, PhD, FBA
*Prof. P.J. Rhodes, MA, DPhil, FBA
*Prof. C. Rowe, MA, PhD, OBE
*Prof. M. Schofield, MA, DPhil, FBA
Prof. J.H.D. Scourfield, MA, DPhil
*Prof. R.A.S. Seaford, MA, DPhil
*Prof. B.A. Sparkes
*Dr R. Stoneman
*Sir Peter Stothard
*Prof. O. Taplin, MA, DPhil, FBA
Dr K. Tempest, MA, PhD
Mr R. Wallace, MA, MLitt
*Dr Rowan Williams, PC, FBA, FRSL, FLSW
*Prof. T.P.Wiseman, MA, DPhil, FBA
The Presidents of the Allied Associations



The next meeting of Council will be 3 November 2018 in London.

The next meeting of the the Journals Board will be 6 October 2018.

A Registered Charity

The Classical Association is a registered charity (No. 313371). We submit an annual return to The Charity Commission. Click here to see our profile on The Charity Commission website.


You can download a copy of our constitution here.

Charitable objectives

The publication of the academic journals Classical Quarterly, Classical Review and Greece & Rome in order to encourage classical scholarship and makes it achievements known.

The award of grants to new educational initiatives, conferences and local CA branches, and the provision of bursaries for teachers and students to attend the Association's Annual Conference in order to support and advance classical learning in schools and universities.

The publication of CA News and the Presidential Address for CA members in order to increase awareness of the importance of classics.

Holding an Annual Conference held in March or April at a UK institution in order to encourage classical scholarship and makes its achievements known to a wide audience.