Videos of all sessions from the CA Conference which took place online between 6-8 April 2021 are available to view below.

Session 1: Inclusive Classics and Pedagogy: teachers, academics and students in conversation. A follow up to the Towards a More Inclusive Classics Workshop held 25-26 June 2020, with Dr Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis and Professor Barbara Goff

Session 2: Accessing Classical Civilisation and Ancient History in Britain, past and present perspectives (under the auspices of ACE), with Professor Edith Hall, Dr Henry Stead, Dr Arlene Holmes-Henderson and Peter Wright

Session 3: Presidential Address by Mari Williams, winner of the Daniel Owen Memorial Prize at the National Eisteddfod of Wales in 2018, for her novel Ysbryd yr Oes (‘Spirit of the Age’)

Session 4: Presentation of the CA Prize for 2021 and the inaugural CA Teaching Awards, followed by a preview of CA 2022 which will be hosted by Swansea University

Session 5: Greek Theatre online: an evening of classics-inspired theatre, featuring new material from three UK-based groups, Out of Chaos and By Jove theatre companies, and film company Barefaced Greek, followed by a Q&A chaired by Professor James Robson

Session 6: Developing Classics in the local community: CA Branches in 2021, with Katrina Kelly (CA Branches Officer and Chair of Lytham St Annes CA) and colleagues from around the regions

Session 7: Classics in the marketplace: being a Classicist in public, with Dr Liz Gloyn, Dr Jane Draycott, Dr Mai MusiƩ and Professor Neville Morley