Antigone journal: ‘Classics Past and Present’ event

The first Antigone event will take place in December, and not online but in person. This is Classics Past and Present – a day of Classical discussion, new conversations and, we trust, general pre-Christmas merriment.

Booking for the event is now open. Read on for more information!

The gathering will be held at Queens’ College, Cambridge, on Saturday 18 December. It will run from lunch through to the evening. We will have three panels of speakers – on Greek culture, on Roman culture, and on Classics in the 21st century. Our speakers will be drawn from our ever-expanding team of writers – Armand D’Angour, Krystyna Bartol, Dobrinka Chiekova, Llewelyn Morgan, and many another Antigone contributor, perhaps including That Person Who Wrote That Great Article on X or Y (it depends what you like most!).

Each presentation will be short and accessible to a non-expert audience, while also rewarding for those who already have an iron in the fire. Each panel will also allow plenty of time for questions and discussion: given the open spirit of Antigone, we’re very keen that everyone in attendance feels part of the conversation. Along with the refreshments throughout the day, we will end with a well-earned drinks reception, where we will continue the day’s discussion and, we hope, forge new friendships.

The event is free. (If you expect to stay in Cambridge on Saturday evening, and would like help in finding accommodation in a college, we may be able to help – but that is, alas, unlikely to be free.)
We’ve had lots of informal expressions of interest already, and many of our writers are of course keen to come. But the purpose of the event is to bring as broad a spread of Classics lovers together as possible. We can accommodate up to 120 attendees, we reckon, so we’ll see how things play out. If you would like to join us on the day, please send an email to [email protected] telling us your name and where you are based, and (if you don’t mind) summarising briefly your relationship to Classics – whether you’re a student past or present, or a teacher, or a general enthusiast, or whatever it may be.

As we hope you’d expect, we’re not the sort of people to be officious or bureaucratic about these things. But if you could express your interest to this email address by mid-November, that would help us plan what can (or cannot) be delivered on the day. Once we’ve sorted who is coming, we will share greater details about how the day will pan out! (We understand that the date and/or location will not work for many of our readers, but we look forward to accommodating and meeting you otherwise in the future.)