APGRD event: ‘Translating Ancient Greek Drama in Europe 1600-1750’ (online conference)

As part of the APGRD’s Translating Ancient Drama project, there will be an online conference with Sorbonne-Paris Nord as host institution, and in partnership with Grenoble-Alpes and UCL. The conference is the third event in a series spanning translation in the early modern period (for the previous two, see: Translating Greek tragedy in sixteenth-century Europe and Reflections on Translating Greek drama in Early Modern Europe).

Co-organisers are Giovanna Di Martino (UCL), Cécile Dudouyt (Paris 13) and Malika Bastin-Hammou (Grenoble-Alpes).

Participants include: Thomas Baier (Würzburg), Simone Beta (Siena), Giovanna Casali (Bologna), Claudia Cuzzotti (Independent), Giulia Fiore (Independent), Stuart Gillespie (Glasgow), Fiona Macintosh (Oxford), Cressida Ryan (Oxford), Emanuel Stelzer (Verona), Angelica Vedelago (Verona), Antonio Ziosi (Bologna).

Details of the papers and the online platform to be used will be announced in due course.