Apologists and Empire: Early Christian Literature and its Imperial Context (virtual conference)

The virtual conference ‘Apologists and Empire’ will be held from the 16th – 18th of December.  The keynote speakers will be Prof. Laura Nasrallah (speaking on the 17th of December) and Prof. Tim Whitmarsh (speaking on the 18th of December).

Attendance is free for all; if you would like to attend, please email Ben Kolbeck ([email protected]) or use the contact function on the conference website, and joining instructions will be circulated in due course. More information, including paper abstracts and the programme as a downloadable PDF, can be found here.

In consideration of the challenges of multiple timezones, and respecting the dangers of ‘online meeting fatigue’, the papers have been scheduled over three half-day sessions, in the early-to-late afternoon UTC (though please note the standalone morning panel on Thursday the 17th).  Please feel free to drop in and out as alternative commitments dictate.