Athena’s Owls Competition: The Monster’s Tale

Calling all Owls!

The Greeks had plenty of stories about valiant heroes swooping in to save the day from a dreaded and vicious monster, from Hercules’ defeat of the Hydra to Odysseus’ clever deception of the Cyclops – but what did the monsters think about all this? What would Medusa say if asked for her side of the story?

That’s where you come in! For our fourth Athena’s Owls competition, we want you to give one of the famous Greek mythic monsters a voice and re-tell the story we all know from their point of view. Will it be Polyphemus complaining about Odysseus’ dirty tricks and the loss of his lovely sheep? Or the Minotaur telling anyone who will listen about how lonely it was to be locked in the Labyrinth?

Simply choose from one of these monsters and get creative!

The Sphinx – Polyphemus the Cyclops – The Minotaur – Medusa – Typhon – The Hydra


The competition is open to anyone aged between 5 and 14 years old in the UK and Ireland, with three age categories and word limits:

Category 1: 5-7 years old – up to 300 words

Category 2: 8-11 years old – up to 500 words

Category 3: 12-14 years old – up to 750 words


Further information on how to enter is available here.

The closing date is 5pm on Sunday 11th April, and we will announce the winner via Twitter shortly afterwards.


Athena’s Owls is an outreach initiative of the Manchester branch of the Classical Association. For further information, see here.