Belfast Summer School in Latin and Classical Greek

The Belfast Summer School in Latin and Classical Greek will take place online from Monday 5th July until Friday 16th July 2021.

The summer school is open to all over the age of 13. Courses are taught by experienced tutors from Ireland and the UK, and students can take Latin or Greek at beginners, lower intermediate, upper intermediate and advanced levels.

The beginners courses are for those with no prior knowledge of Greek o r Latin, while lower intermediate classes are suitable for those with a rudimentary knowledge of the language. The upper intermediate courses will cover more advanced grammar and read sections of ancient texts. Advanced classes will read original Latin or Greek texts with minimal grammar instruction.

Students may enrol for one week or two, finishing on either Friday 9th July or Friday 16th July.  Students will be provided with worksheets and handouts and it is not necessary to purchase a textbook.

In addition to language classes, there will be a number of optional talks and workshops. So far, the following speakers have been confirmed.

Dr Charlie Kerrigan (Trinity College Dublin): Medieval Latin

Dr Eilidh MacLeod: Ancient Greek pronunciation

Rebecca Samuels (Open University): Roman graffiti

Georgina Homer (Coventry University): Euripides’ Unstaged Princess

These talks and workshops are open to all and booking details will be available next month.


The course fee is £130 if registering for two weeks, £70 if registering for one week.

For further information, and to register, please see here.


For more information about the summer school, and what each course entails, please visit or email me with any questions off-list.