Belfast Summer School: Winter Refresher Day

The Belfast Summer School is offering a Winter Refresher day, conducted via Zoom, on Saturday 23rd January from 10am until 3.30pm GMT/UTC. Participants can attend one of the following:

  • Beginners Greek
  • Lower Intermediate Greek
  • Upper Intermediate Greek
  • Advanced Greek
  • Beginners Latin
  • Lower Intermediate Latin
  • Upper Intermediate Latin
  • Advanced Latin

These classes are designed to review material covered in the summer school but everyone is welcome.

Beginners Greek is for those seeking to refresh the important elements of the language. Students will cover the basic grammar principles to kickstart their revision, and examine some key vocabulary to help students conquer the introductory chapters of their chosen textbook.

Lower Intermediate Greek is for those who already know some ancient Greek. You already understand the present tense active forms, first and second declension nouns and prepositions. We will continue with future, imperfect and aorist tenses, and third declension nouns.

Upper Intermediate Greek will cover more advanced grammar such as the subjunctive and optative mood and their uses; -μι verbs and subordinate clauses.

Advanced Greek will read selections from Odyssey 8 and Plato’s Ion.

Beginners Latin will revise first conjugation verbs: present, imperfect, perfect and future; first declension nouns: all cases; prepositions using accusative and ablative, and basic sentence construction into latin and from latin using all these constructs, extending to basic clausal sentences with conjunctions (sed/et).

Lower Intermediate Latin is for students who already have the basics of Latin. You will be expected to understand what the different cases are, and at least one or two of the declensions. You will also be expected to understand the Present Tense Active forms of verbs. From there, we will revise the other noun declensions, as well as the other Active tenses, finally touching on the Passive voice and participles. We will do some practice sentences throughout and then attempt an unseen passage of Latin.

Upper Intermediate Latin is for students who are familiar with all of the declensions and both the Active and Passive voices of all the verb tenses. We will cover more advanced grammar, beginning with the Subjunctive, and the different types of clauses (temporal, conditional, purpose, result), along with indirect statements and questions, before tackling a more advanced passage of Latin.

Advanced Latin class will read selections from the works of Ovid.

This revision day is open to all.  Fees for this online day course are £35.  Interested students can register by email at [email protected].