Call for Papers: SWW LAEMB Network PG-ECR Colloquium – ‘Connectivity and Networks’

Please find the CFP for the South West and Wales Late Antique, Early Medieval, and Byzantine Network’s upcoming summer colloquium, ‘Connectivity and Networks’ below. The event will be held online via Zoom on Thursday 3rd June 2021.

The event’s keynote is yet to be announced but we will update people once we can confirm the details.


Second Annual SWW LAEMB Network PG-ECR Colloquium
Theme: Connectivity and Networks, 300–1200 CE
Date: Thursday 3rd June 2021

An Online Event hosted via Zoom

Keynote Speaker: TBC

The world is an ever-changing place. Given the current ‘dynamic’ and challenging times, we have all had time to reflect on our own global and social networks and as a result, how we decide to interact and connect with one another. The importance of these themes have not merely risen in the modern era but were also important for those who lived before us. The world was shaped in various ways, such as through foreign and personal networks, networks between geographical neighbours, and how individuals and nations decided who to trust and engage with. These all played a monumental role in shaping and moulding the connectivity of the Late Antique and early Medieval world.

The second SWW Late Antique, Early Medieval, and Byzantine Network colloquium encourages interdisciplinary collaboration on ‘Connectivity and Networks’ in the period c. 300-1200 CE. How did certain networks impact on society? How do scholars choose to examine networks and does this impact on how we perceive connectivity in empire and society? Why is it important to examine the theme of networks and connectivity within the scope of the Late Antique and early Medieval world?

We welcome topics from across literary, historical, art-historical, archaeological, and theological sources. Potential examples include, but are not limited to:

• Political and Social Networks
• Literary Circles and Historiographical Relationships
• Urban and Rural Connectivity (Spatial Interaction)
• Connectivity Between Societal Sectors (State and Church)
• Foreign Connectivity, Interactions, and Networks
• Connectivity Between Gender, Sex, and Societal Norms
• Geo-Political Networks
• Military Networks
• Personal or Confidential Networks
• Connectivity and Networks Between Borders and Frontiers
• Connectivity Between Landscapes and Human Geography

Those wishing to have a paper considered for the colloquium please send a 250-word abstract, along with 3-5 keywords, and their institution (if relevant) to [email protected] by Friday May 7th 2021.