Call for Papers UK-IVR 2022 Annual Conference: ‘Law, Rationality and Practical Reason: Ancient and Contemporary Perspectives’

UK-IVR 2022 Annual Conference: ‘Law, Rationality and Practical Reason: Ancient and Contemporary Perspectives

Date: June 10 and 11, 2022

Venue: University of Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy (online event only)


Keynote Speakers:

Professor Kimberley Brownlee (The University of British Columbia)

Professor Terence Irwin (University of Oxford and Cornell University)

Professor Melissa Lane (Princeton University)

Professor Matt Matravers (University of York)


Call for papers and workshops 

The UK-IVR Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy in collaboration with the University of Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy are delighted to announce its 2022 Annual Conference.

The conference centres on the intersections of law, rationality and practical reason, from ancient and/or contemporary perspectives. We aim to create a platform for the exchange of ideas and the creation of synergies for new ways of thinking about law, practical reason and rationality among researchers in the field of philosophy, legal theory, law, sociology, psychology, intellectual history, classics and political science. We encourage all methodologies, including historical analysis and comparative intellectual history.

Indicative topics for papers and workshops (all topics can be approached from ancient and/or contemporary perspectives):

  1. Models of practical reason and law/authority
  2. Values, rationality and law
  3. Character, dispositions and law
  4. Conceptions of the good, common good and legal rationality
  5. Populism, reason, and the Rule of Law
  6. Reason, collective decision-making, and democracy
  7. Rationality in law and legal doctrine – e.g., legal responsibility and rationality; practical reason in civil law compared with criminal law.
  8. Judicial reasoning – e.g. reason and intuitions in judicial decisions; reason and emotions in judicial decisions
  9. The cyberspace, reason, and rationality – e.g., implications for legal regulation of cyberspace
  10. The current state and future direction of jurisprudence – e.g. which questions and method are worth pursuing in the study of law and social practices

If you would like to participate with a paper, please submit an abstract of maximum 500 words to the following email address [email protected] by March 15, 2022

We also welcome suggestions for workshops on specific topics. If you are interested in organising a workshop, please submit an abstract of maximum 500 words together with the names of potential participants to the following address: [email protected] by February 28, 2022.

Notification of acceptance will be by March 30, 2022. 

We welcome submissions by scholars from both the UK and abroad



Antony Hatzistavrou (University of Hull, School of Law and Politics, UK), UK-IVR President

Noam Gur (Queen Mary, University of London, Law School, UK), Treasurer

Veronica Rodriguez-Blanco (University of Surrey Centre for Law and Philosophy, UK), UK-IVR Secretary