Cambridge Classics for All: Twilight Primary Teachmeet

The Twilight Primary Teachmeet will take place on Thursday March 18th  from 4-6pm, on-line.

This is especially for those who have started, or hope to start teaching Latin and Greek in a Primary setting.

All are welcome to attend –  you  may have contacts with primary schools as parents or governors, or just be interested in Classics and education.

The  CfA  hope you will come and join them and help add to  a useful network for teachers and promote Classics teaching into more schools in the area.

See here for further information about this exciting venture, the topics that will be covered and how to register.

Further information, if you need, is available from:  Angela Dix, Network Coordinator Cambridge,  Classics for All, at [email protected].  Angela will the Zoom link to those registered nearer the time