Cardiff University Ancient History Research Seminar: Dr Coré Ferrer-Alcantud on ‘Alien Women in Ancient Rome: Patterns of Animosity and Fetishization’

Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion: Ancient History Research Seminars – Autumn 2021 

Seminars are held online, on Mondays at 5PM


MONDAY 13 December, 5 PM

Dr. Coré Ferrer-Alcantud (Universitat Jaume I (Castello) and Institute of Classical Studies, SAS, University of London)

Alien Women in Ancient Rome: Patterns of Animosity and Fetishization


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What did being a foreign woman in ancient Rome mean? In this talk, we aim to solve this question by giving due visibility to alien women in Rome by displaying some patterns that echo across classical literature. However, for all we know, such information comes mainly from male voices of a specific social status, then how could we give an unbiased explanation? To this end, we will examine fragments of various authors who lived the events and consequences of the Roman expansion between the last years of the Republic as well as those of the Principate (eg. Virgil, Tacitus, and Cassius Dio). By displaying these texts, we will find how they were described, along with some stereotypes and prejudices, and even, on occasion, we will be able to notice the admiration some authors and their contemporaries felt for them. Once located and outlined, we will exhibit the perils we face in academic research by having only a male perspective to describe these women and the importance of implementing cross-sectional approaches to restore their silenced lives.

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