Cardiff University Ancient History Research Seminar: Dr Katherine Blouin on ‘Born Again: Alexandria’s Foundation Story and Modern Colonial Imaginations’

Cardiff School of History, Archaeology and Religion: Ancient History Research Seminars РAutumn 2021 

Seminars are held online, on Mondays at 5PM


MONDAY 29 November, 5 PM

Dr. Katherine Blouin (University of Toronto)

Born Again: Alexandria’s Foundation Story and Modern Colonial Imaginations


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Despite the increase in the amount of evidence at our disposal on ancient Alexandria and its hinterland, the way scholars have encapsulated the city’s historical significance has not changed very much since the early-modern period. This phenomenon is commonly rendered through a series of Eurocentric tropes: Alexandria, the remarkable foundation of a no less remarkable Hellenized Macedonian king, whose civilizational pinnacle lastingly impacted literary memories, but left very few noticeable material traces; Alexandria, the cultural lighthouse of Hellenism – and by extension of ‘western’ culture – perched at the edge of Africa; Alexandria, the often-personified, and feminized, success story, who on many occasions fell prey to civilian troubles and foreign conquerors. There is, undoubtedly, something very affective about the rendering of the city’s early history. What makes it makes so enduring? What is it really about? And whose story is this?

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