Classical Association of Scotland: Euge! Latin for Absolute Beginners

The Classical Association of Scotland is pleased to announce the next in its Free Online Seminar Series.  Following a fascinating look at Latin epigraphy and the way in which it has survived and evolved into Scottish material culture, CAS is now offering learners the chance to engage with Latin language from the ground up.

The seminar Euge! Latin for Absolute Beginners will take place on Saturday 21st November 2020. This will be divided into three sessions, like our previous seminar, and is aimed at showing people with no previous experience of Latin that engaging with ancient texts can be a lot easier than you might think! Details of the sessions can be found below. From learning the very foundations of Latin grammar and syntax, learners will move on to working with extracts of ancient text (notably some writing by Pliny the Younger on the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 CE). The seminar will be rounded off by a session exploring Latin in an embedded context, using a famous funerary inscription found in Britain to springboard into wider topics of discussion.

Sessions are open to all, but we are particularly interested to hear from students taking other languages at SQA Higher level and beyond (or equivalent).

For further details of the sessions and how to sign up, please see here.