The Classical Association of Scotland summer initiative: ‘Ancient Voices’

The Classical Association of Scotland’s summer initiative for ancient languages, Ancient Voices, is now open for registrations.

 Ancient Voices offers short courses in Latin and Greek (beginners, intermediate and advanced levels), Hebrew and Egyptian hieroglyphs (both beginners only), open to all. For each language ‘stream’, you receive 8 hours of language tuition, resources, drop-in language clinics, as well as additional sessions. The courses are timetabled so that you can do just one language or multiple languages in parallel; the timings also make the courses convenient for participants in North America or across Europe.

The sessions are spread across the month of July, with two hours’ tuition a week per language ‘stream’, and the opportunity to pursue multiple streams in parallel. In addition to the 8 hours of language tuition per stream, the programme includes access to resources, drop-in clinics, as well as a series of one-off workshops and events (including taster sessions in other ancient languages) – all for a cost of £40 per person per language ‘stream’.

For more detailed information on the content of each course, on the course teachers, the timetable, the very reasonable costs, and how to sign up, just go to the CAS website or contact our National Outreach Coordinator, Dr. Alex Imrie at [email protected]