Classics for All North: Exploring Word Roots FREE CPD for KS2

Learning about the roots of the English language offers a key to understanding new words and enriching vocabulary.  As highlighted in Alex Quigley’s influential book ‘Closing the Vocabulary Gap’ (2018), building knowledge of etymology and morphology in the classroom can help pupils to develop greater ‘word consciousness’, which in turn enables them to better understand and use language.

In this free online CPD session, we will:

  • explore key Latin and Greek root words that feature frequently in English
  • explore the importance of Tier 2 and Tier 3 words in the English language
  • discuss implicit and explicit strategies for teaching vocabulary in the KS2/3 classroom
  • share resources that can be used to support the teaching of etymology at KS2/3
  • provide information about how to access free advice and funding from Classics for All to support the introduction or development of classical subjects in your school

Trainer: Charlie Andrew (Training and Resources Manager at Classics for All)

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