Copenhagen/Edinburgh Graduate Course in Greek Epigraphy

COPENHAGEN-EDINBURGH GRADUATE COURSE IN GREEK EPIGRAPHY Organised jointly by the University of Copenhagen (C. Thomsen) and the University of Edinburgh (M. Canevaro).


Texts inscribed on stone (and other durable materials) are important sources on practically every aspect of life in the ancient Greek world. The inscriptions that survive to this day were produced for a variety of reasons and in a variety of situations, which inform our interpretation when inscriptions are turned into evidence in historical studies. The course introduces participants to different ‘genres’ of inscriptions, their conventions as well as the social, religious and political environments that produced them.

The course is aimed at graduate students in Greek history and/or archaeology with an interest in ancient Greek epigraphy. Knowledge of ancient Greek will increase course outcomes, but is not strictly necessary. Preparatory readings of appr. 1000 pp. are expected.

The course will be held online and is convened on 2 September 2021 at 2 pm (CET) and will be free and open to graduate students in Greek history and/or archaeology.



2pm     Epigraphic Evidence in Historical Inquiries (Vincent Gabrielsen, Copenhagen)

2.45     State Decrees on Stone (Mirko Canevaro, Edinburgh)

3.30     Inscriptions in the Sanctuary (Benedikt Eckhardt, Edinburgh)

4.15     Break

4.45     Monumental Honour (Christian Thomsen, Copenhagen)

5.30     Epigraphy and Topography (Chiara Lasagni, Torino)

6.15     The Epigraphy of Marginality (David Lewis, Edinburgh & Christian Thomsen, Copenhagen)


Please register here no later than 10 August 2021.


For more information about the course, please contact the PhD Administration ([email protected]) or the course organiser Maja R. Møller ([email protected])