de Romanis: Free Teachers’ Webinar and New Resources

Join the authors of de Romanis for a live Q&A: getting started, igniting interest and pitching the language materials

As we celebrate 1 year since de Romanis’ publication, come and join us for a special Q&A session with the author team to find out more about how you can get started with introducing de Romanis to your students.

Katharine Radice, Angela Cheetham and Sonya Kirk will guide you through the de Romanis Chapters 1&2 and explore ways to ignite your students’ interest in the Latin stories, as well as how to pitch the language materials that will suit all your students. A Q&A session will take place at the end with a chance to ask your questions. Please add your questions for the authors on the event registration form.

Registration is free via Eventbrite.

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