Exedra/Fonte Aretusa: Classical Languages Summer School

Join Exedra and Fonte Aretusa for a Classical Languages Summer School on the idyllic island of Ortigia in Siracusa, city of Archimedes, to ‘search for happiness’ in the texts of some of the great writers in Ancient Greek and Latin. Let our experienced and enthusiastic course-tutors take you through the words of Homer, Plato and Lucretius, in two intense but rewarding weeks, considering ‘life and death in Greece and Rome’.

As well as intensive teaching in small groups, the program includes a range of cultural and extra-curricular activities, offering participants the opportunity to experience the art, architecture, and food of one of the most important cities of the ancient Greek world.  As an added bonus this year, because of the COVID 19 limitations in May and June, the cycle of Greek plays that are performed in the majestic Greek theatre of Siracusa will be held in July and August, so participants will be able to see Bacchae by Euripides and The Clouds  by Aristophanes.

You’ll study in the historic Palazzo Francica Nava, just steps from the 5th century BCE Temple of Athena, and a short walk from the 6th century BCE Temple of Apollo – and close to the Cala Rossa beach, in case you are in the mood for a swim – and if you can’t find happiness in the texts, you’ll certainly find it as you explore the charming streets of Ortigia and savour a granita sitting in the square!

For more details about the Summer school, please see the website and contact [email protected].