Fonte Aretusa and Exedra Mediterranean Center: ‘Gorgias/Gorgias: The Sicilian Orator and the Platonic Dialogue’

Fonte Aretusa and Exedra Mediterranean Center, in Syracuse, Sicily present ‘Gorgias/Gorgias:The Sicilian Orator and the Platonic Dialogue’

Online Sessions 15-18 November; In-person Conference 23-26 November

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Program (Siracusa time)

Monday, November 15: 16:00-17:45

Edward Schiappa, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dating the origins of the word rhêtorikê: The latest debate and whether it matters

François Renaud, Université de Moncton, From Poetry to Prose: Gorgias’ Defense of Rhetoric

Stamatia Dova, Hellenic College and CHS, Aggressive  Contrafactuals in Gorgias’ Defense of Palamedes


Tuesday, November 16: 16:00-17:45

Enrico Piergiacomi, Villa I Tatti (Harvard/Florence), Gorgias’ Laughter. An Anti-Eleatic Strategy?

Rory O’Sullivan, Trinity College Dublin, Gorgias the Teacher

Ethan Meanor, Independent Scholar, Gorgias and Nietzsche on Non-Being


Thursday,November 18, 16:00-17:45

Robert J. Barnes, Haverford College, Gorgias on Speech and the Soul

Amin Ebrahimi Afrouzi, University of California Berkeley, Gorgias’ Rhetoric and Rhetoric of the Gorgias

Stephanos Stephanides, University of Cambridge, Political Equality in the Gorgias


Friday, November 19th, 16:00-18:00

Panel:“Comedy, Dunamis, and The Comedy of Dunamis in Plato’s Gorgias”

Shane Ewegen, Trinity College, The Power of Comedy, the Comedy of Power: Δύναμις in Plato’s Gorgias.

Sonja Tanner, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, The Power of Laughter in Gorgias of Leontini and Plato’s Gorgias

Robert Metcalf, University of Colorado Denver, Dunamis in Agôn: Gorgias of Leontini and Plato’s Gorgias

–KerenShatalov, University of Illinois, In Praise of Gorgias—antagonism and love in Plato’s Gorgias


Tuesday, November 23 15:30-19:00

Keynote Lecture: Livio Rossetti, Università di Perugia, The Very Recent Rediscovery of Gorgias/La Recentissima Riscoverta di Gorgia

Yosef Z. (Yossie) Liebersohn, Bar-Ilan University, Gorgias the Sophist and the Birth of Rhetoric


Wednesday, November 24 15.30-19:00

Mark Morelli, Loyola Marymount University, Plato’sGorgias: Exposing the Spiritual Corruption of a Respectable Man

Sofia Carreno Camacho, Ludwig Maximilians Universität, Self-persuasion in the Gorgias

André Rehbinder, Université Paris Nanterre – ARSCAN/THEMAM, The bodily nature of logos in Gorgias’ Encomium of Helen

Anik Stanbury, Independent Scholar, The Role of στοχαστική in Plato’s Gorgias and in the Writings of Gorgias of Leontini


Thursday, November 25 9:30-11:00

Federico Casella, University of Salerno, Speaking with Images: The Rhetoric of Metaphors and Similes in Empedocles and Gorgias

Tushar Irani, Wesleyan University, Gorgias and Plato on the Possibility of Democratic Rhetoric


Friday, November 26 15.30-19:00

Mauro Serra, Università di Salerno, The Violence of Logos: a Political Reading of Gorgias’ Encomium of Helen

Jurgen Gatt, University of Malta, Moral Outrage in Palamedes and 5th Century Rhetoric

Allison Murphy, Carleton College, Two Ideals in Plato’s Gorgias

Coleen Zoller, Susquehanna University, Taking Our Medicine: Reconciliation and Justice in Plato’s Gorgias


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