‘Greek Poetry in the Roman Empire’ workshop

Greek Poetry in the Roman Empire

Saturday 1st May. 14.00–19.00 GMT.

This workshop, aimed at both neophytes and initiates, is designed to show why there is so much interest and energy at the moment in the study of the Greek poetry of the 1st–3rd centuries CE. Each speaker will give their own brief overview of the state of a particular question, and present a reading of a text. We will cover both ‘high’ and popular poetry, and range over form, content and context. There will be plenty of time for discussion.

This is an informal event. All are very welcome: please email me ([email protected]) for the Zoom link.

14.00–14.45 Emily Kneebone, ‘Didactic Epic: Oppian’s Halieutica’

14.45–15.30 John Ma, ‘Occasional Praise Poetry: P.Oxy 1015’

15.30–16.15 Patricia Rosenmeyer, ‘Balbilla’s Sapphic Voice’

16.15–16.45 BREAK

16.45–17.30 Tim Whitmarsh, ‘Rhythmic Poetics in the Roman Empire’

17.30–18.15 Francesca Modini, ‘Imperial Greatest Hits? Music and (Classical) Poetry in the Roman East’

18.15–19.00 Emma Greensmith, ‘Quint and Quintus’