Herodotus Helpline seminar

The schedule for the Herodotus Helpline seminar for Summer 2021 can be found below. All seminars take place on Wednesday evenings at 6pm GMT. To receive links for attending (I regret that we cannot usually send links for individual sessions), please just write to [email protected].

The Herodotus Helpline is an open, international community dedicated to the discussion of any topic connected to the text and world of Herodotus. Seminars are open to all.



5 May                                 Sheila Murnaghan (Pennsylvania)  More on Herodotus and Sophocles


12 May                              James Morgan (Fribourg) Herodotus’s hermeneutical dilemma, prophetic voice, and an estranged child named Luke


19 May                              Jyl Gentzler (Amherst)  Herodotus and Plato on Gyges


26 May                              Sam Blankenship (Harvard)  Herodotus and Achaemenid historiography


2 June                                Irad Malkin (Tel Aviv) The right and the middle: Demonax of Mantineia at Cyrene


9June                                  Antti Lampinen (Finnish Institute, Athens)  The reception of Herodotus’ Thracians in antiquity


16 June                             Maddalena Scarperi (Pennsylvania)  Crafting the Histories: Herodotus (re)telling Cleomenes


23 June                             Anthony Ellis (Bern)  Rewriting Herodotus in Late Byzantine Mistra: Gemistos Pletho, Bessarion, and Kabakes


30 June                             Cassandra Donnelly (Texas at Austin)  Demokedes and the clash of economies


7 July                                  Francesca Gazzano (Genova)  ‘Special deaths’ in the Histories