University of Liverpool Work in Progress seminar series

Please find below the programmes for Liverpool WiP seminar series in Semester 1.

 Seminars will take place at 1pm-2pm UK time on Zoom All welcome!

Please email  Elizabeth Thomas ([email protected]), Doyle Declan ([email protected]) or Giulia Tonon ([email protected]) for the zoom link, stating which talk(s) you are interested in.


14.10.21   Alessandro Piccolo (University of Rome – La Sapienza)

Pedon, Son of Amphinnes: A Game of Donors?


21.10.21 Arnau Lario Devesa (University of Rome – La Sapienza)

Modelling the Past: The Proto-historic and Roman Past as a Legitimizing Element for Nationalistic Claims in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Spain


28.10.21 Jerome Ruddick (Newcastle University)

Cretan Conservatism: How do Covert Material Images on Crete Work to Convey and Instil Traditional Mythical Identities on Crete in the Hellenistic Period?


4.11.21 Alexander Moore (University of Oxford)

The Evolution of the Veteranus: Tracing the Socio-Legal Status of Roman Veterans from the Republic to the Fourth Century CE


11.11.21 Elissa Day (Indiana University)

‘To Him Everything is Reported’: A Study of the Titles of Viziers in 18th Dynasty Egypt


18.11.21 Rafail Zoulis (Yale University)

Narrative and Roman Law: Glocalizing Local Histories and Provincial Identities in the Early Roman Empire


2.12.21 Laura Bevilacqua (University of Chicago)

Dice Oracles, Polytheism and the Mechanisms of Decision-Making in Imperial Asia Minor


9.12.21 Avery Warkentin (University of Oxford)

Imagining Egypt: An Examination of Domestic Campanian Aegyptiaca


13.1.22 Charlotte Bell  (University of Liverpool)

Approaches to the Interpretation of Romano-British Women in a Patriarchal World


20.1.22 Chenqing An  (University College London)

The Game of Land: Concession and Authority from a Ptolemaic Land Survey (P. Haun. IV 70)