Lytham St Annes Branch lecture: Professor Helen King (Emerita, Open University)

Professor Helen King ‘Everything You’ve Always Wanted to Know about Ancient Greek and Roman Medicine’

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Professor Emerita of Classical Studies at the Open University, Helen King is an expert in Greek medicine, the history of the body and Hippocratic gynaecology. She has also published widely on the reception of ancient medicine, held research fellowships in Cambridge and Newcastle alongside teaching at a variety of institutions, and written the Health and Wellbeing in the Ancient World course which you can study for free on FutureLearn.

She will ask: “What was medicine like in the Greek and Roman worlds? How was the body thought to work? What happened when you were ill, and what were the theories behind the treatments on offer?” In this lecture, you are invited to come with your questions and we’ll attempt to answer them from medical and other writing, and from archaeology – or, to explain why they can’t yet be answered.



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