Public Lecture Series: ‘Imperial Power in the Roman World’

This Summer I have curated a public lecture series on Imperial Power in the Roman World. In part inspired by the new Nero exhibition at the British Museum, and recent thoughts on the nature of imperial power (and its legacy), this series of public facing lectures will provide short studies of imperial power across the Roman World. The intended audience is the general ancient enthusiast, but also more specifically students who might be new to Classics and Ancient History.

The talks will run through to the end of September. There are some magnificent scholars from all across the world that have signed up to deliver lectures, and in the opening one I provided a study of the Augustan Principate, but also respond to the questions posed by the Nero exhibition. The events team here at YSJ have helped me create a blog to accompany the series, and I will be using this over the Summer to provide discussion around sources / historiography and responses to the lectures themselves. Again, this is in the hope that it will be useful for students new to Ancient History and Classics. More details can be found here


The list of speakers can be seen here.


Anthony Smart

Lecturer in Ancient & Medieval History (York St. John University)