Royal Holloway: Online Taster Day

Get a sense of the diversity of the classical world and of the ways in which we study it at Royal Holloway by taking part in our taster day!

This online taster day offers talks that take key A-Level topics as our starting point to show you how studying Classics at Royal Holloway will take you in exciting new directions beyond what you have studied at school. These talks will reflect just some of the disciplines open to those interested in studying the classical world at Royal Holloway, where our department includes archaeologists, historians and literature specialists. The event also includes a chance to hear from some of our current students about their experience of studying classical subjects at Royal Holloway in a student takeover session. We will conclude the event with a Q&A session with our admissions tutor so that you can ask any questions you might have about the practicalities of studying the classical world at university and on graduate careers available to those equipped with a classical degree. We look forward to welcoming you virtually to Royal Holloway for this exciting and useful opportunity to enhance your understanding of your current A-Level topics and learn more about studying the classical world at university.

For further details and free registration, see here.