St. Andrews/Sorbonne-Nouvelle: ‘Ancient ethics and contemporary challenges’

Online workshop: “Ancient ethics and contemporary challenges”  (St Andrews and Sorbonne-Nouvelle) 

Monday 4 October 2021  

The start of this century has seen a greater interest in the contemporary application of ancient philosophical ethics, although the widespread emphasis on Stoicism and the possibility of understanding Stoic ethics in isolation from the rest of Stoic philosophy remain controversial. Our century has also seen increasing anxiety about, and a conscious desire to strive for, standards in politics and public discourse, particularly in areas where the ethical and the cognitive intersect (integrity, honesty, fairness, grounds for belief). Our workshop will bring together experts on ancient philosophy, from a range of areas, to discuss how ancient ethics can inform our responses to 21st-century challenges.


9–10 UK / 10–11 France. Angelo Giavatto, « Achilles and Odysseus. Two ways of Rethinking Mortality in Ancient Ethics »

10–11 UK / 11–12 France. Lucia Saudelli, « Knowledge, Virtue and Health in Plato’s Charmides: Ancient ethics and Contemporary issues »

short break

11.15–12.15 UK / 12.15–1.15 France. Jason Carter ,  « No One is Deceived Willingly: Plato on the Ethics of Moral Disagreement »

Lunch break

1.30–2.30 UK / 2.30–3.30 France. Marion Bourbon, « (Re)lectures et réappropriations contemporaines du stoïcisme: sens, limites et enjeux  »

short break

3–4 UK / 4–5 France. Carol Atack  « The anachronistic gentleman: the persistence of inequalities in the ancient moral exemplar of the kaloskagathos » 

4– UK / 5– France. Concluding reflections, led by M.M.McCabe


All welcome. If you wish to participate, please email the organisers (Dr Jordi Pia Comella, [email protected] , and Dr Alex Long, [email protected] ) by Thursday 30 September.