Symposium Cumanum: ‘Identity in Vergil: Ancient Representations, Global Receptions’

This summer’s meeting of the Symposium Cumanum, “Identity in Vergil: Ancient Representations, Global Receptions,” will be virtual and open to the public. Check out our schedule and see our flyer.

Conference Directors: Tedd A. Wimperis (Elon University) and David J. Wright (Fordham University)


Conference Schedule


Identity and Geography 10am – 12:30pm EST

Chair: Kris Fletcher (Louisiana State University)

  1. Alessandro Barchiesi (New York University), “Trojan Hunters in Latium”
  2. Barbara Weiden Boyd (Bowdoin College), “Monstrat amor verus patriae: Virgil’s Camilla between Italy and Scythia”
  3. Anna Maria Cimino (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa), “The Old is Dying, and the New Cannot Be Born”
  4. Zoé Elise Thomas (University of Texas, Austin), “How I Met Your ‘Arician’ Mother: Augustan Identity and the Cumaean Sibyl in Aeneid 6”


Vergil in the Old and New Worlds 10am – 12:30pm EST

Chair: Barbara Weiden Boyd (Bowdoin College)

  1. Hardeep Singh Dhindsa (King’s College London), “A White Lie: Renaissance Italian Identity in the Reception of Vergil’s Aeneid
  2. Edith Hall (King’s College London), “Vergil’s Aeneid and British Working-Class Identity, 1697-1939”
  3. Filippo Carlà-Uhink (Universität Potsdam), “Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes (Aen. 2.49): Representations of the Greeks in Vergil’s Poems”
  4. Néstor Manríquez Lozano (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), “Nova tellus, nova pars mundi: Vergil’s Bucolics and Jesuit Identity in New Spain”
  5. Gemma Bernadó Ferrer (Universidad de los Andes), “The Influence of Vergil on Miguel Antonio Caro’s Configuration of the Columbian Identity in the 19th Century”


Morning: Re-Reading Vergil Through Modern Literature 10am – 12:30pm EST

Chair: Sonia Sabnis (Reed College)

  1. Ashley Chhibber (University of Nottingham), “The Wretched of the Orbis: Understanding Virgil and Lucan through Fanon”
  2. Caroline Stark (Howard University), “Aeneas in Black: Identity, Dispossession, and Sacrifice in Vergil’s Aeneid and Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man
  3. Helen Lovatt (University of Nottingham), “Rhetoric, Resistance, and Reconciliation: Re-reading Virgilian Migration through Octavia Butler”
  4. Charlie Kerrigan (Trinity College Dublin), “Virgil through Time: Reception as Radical Pedagogy”

Afternoon: Dido: Race and Reception 1:30pm – 4pm EST

Chair: Jackie Murray (University of Kentucky)

  1. Elena Giusti (University of Warwick), “(The Problem with) Decoding Dido”
  2. Neha Rahman (Cambridge University), “Afraid of Changing: How Translators of Vergil’s Aeneid Tackle Dido’s Metamorphosis”
  3. Michele Valerie Ronnick (Wayne State University), “What’s in a Name? Dido Elizabeth Belle (c.1761-1804) and William Murray, Lord Mansfield (1705-1793)”
  4. Richard F. Thomas (Harvard University), “Dido in ‘The Desert’: Virgil, Ovid and Stella Duffy


Morning: Vergilian Perspectives on Colonialism and Immigration 10am – 12:30pm EST

Chair: Elena Giusti (University of Warwick)

  1. David Andrew Porter (Hunan Normal University), “Echoes of Virgil’s Bucolica in 21st-century North Ireland”
  2. Samuel Agbamu (King’s College London), “Virgil, Carthage, and Italian Imperialism in Africa (1900-1950)”
  3. Giampiero Scafoglio (Université Côte d’Azur), “Was Aeneas a ‘Refugee’? Remnants of the Aeneid in Some Political Debates on the Web”
  4. Nandini Pandey (University of Wisconsin), “The River Tiber, Foaming with Much Ink: Countering Anti-Immigrant Excerptions of the Aeneid

Afternoon: Constructing Identity in and through Vergil 1:30pm – 4pm EST

Chair: Hardeep Singh Dhindsa (King’s College London)

  1. Jackie Murray (University of Kentucky), “Racecraft in the Aeneid: Aeneas as a Shepherd”
  2. Sonia Sabnis (Reed College), “Vergil’s Pugilists and the Defense of Boxing”
  3. Christopher Londa (Yale University), “Fidus Achates as ‘Faithful Freedman’”
  4. Kris Fletcher (Louisiana State University), “Arma and Identity in the Aeneid


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If you have any questions about this conference, please direct them to [email protected].