Symposium: ‘The Ancient Unconscious’

Vered Lev Kenaan’s book The Ancient Unconscious (OUP, 2019) will be the subject of a symposium, structured as a virtual workshop in which a group of experts responds and discusses the book, situating it in different intellectual frameworks (classics, psychoanalysis and comparative literature).


The symposium will start Thursday, June 10, and it will run for four weeks until July 7, 2021, with one essay and its corresponding response published per week. The week-long focus on each essay is meant to give everyone enough time to make thoughtful comments and to engage further.

  • June 10: Introduction, Emma Brodeur
  • June 10: Emma Scioli
  • June 17: Bennett Simon
  • June 24: Kyle Khellaf
  • July 1: Richard Armstrong

The link to the symposium is available here. All essays, responses, and subsequent posts will be published together on this single page. Please  share it with your students, colleagues, and social media networks.


Syndicate Format

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To comment, enter the login information provided below (click the three lines in the upper right hand corner and you’ll see boxes for your name and password). That will take you into the backend of the site. Don’t try to write your reply there. Instead, click the “Syndicate” button in the upper left hand corner of the screen to get to the main page (or simply retype “” in your browser). Then scroll down to the bottom of Vered’s response and you’ll see a “Leave a Reply” button where you can write your further comment. Please don’t reply with the disqus link.