The Fourth Annual Ancient Philosophy Conference

Please join us for the 4th Annual Stanford Ancient Philosophy Conference on the 30th April 2021. The Conference will continue until the 2nd May, and this year will take place entirely online. It will feature contributions concerning Ancient Metaphyiscs and Epistemology from the following speakers:

Michael Peramatzis (Oxford)

David Sedley (Cambridge)

Emily Katz (Michigan State University)

Toomas Lott (Tartu University)

Thomas Kjeller Johansen (Oslo University)

Oliver Primavesi (LMU)

David Bronstein (UNSW, Georgetwon)

M.L.Gill (Brown)

In addition Thomas Slabon, Landon Hobbs, Emily Perry, Grant Dowling, Soham Shiva, Ashley Attwood and Rupert Sparling will be provide commentary.

Please see our website program for details and schedule.

The Conference is kindly sponsored by the Sam Purtill fund.