University of Bologna: Online Greek and Latin Summer School

Bologna University Online Greek and Latin Summer School (14 June – 17 July 2021)

The University of Bologna invites applications for its intensive, ONLINE Greek and Latin Summer School (2021).

The School offers intensive classes in Greek and Latin (44 hours each) and a complementary Classical Literature class (11 hours). The following courses are available:

  • Beginners Greek
  • Beginners Latin
  • Intermediate/advanced Latin


A single course lasts for 3 weeks, within the period 14 June – 17 July; students can choose to attend a double course (elementary Greek + Latin, any level) at a discounted fee, attending classes for the whole 5-week period above.

Classes will be held from Monday to Saturday fully ONLINE (live broadcast – no recording). Students residing in Bologna will have the option to attend the online courses from the Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies, with the assistance of a resident tutor (in person).

Our classes are open to students (undergraduate and postgraduate) and non-students alike. Participants must be aged 18 or over.

As usual, the teaching will be focused mainly on the linguistic aspects and the syntax of Greek and Latin. Additional classes (2 hours) will supplement language knowledge in order to familiarise participants with textual transmission from scroll to codex, ancient libraries, etc.


All teaching and activities will be in English.

For further information and to download the application form, please see here.


Please feel free to get in touch at: [email protected]