University of Cambridge: Laurence Seminar on ‘Collaboration and Ancient Literature’

We are delighted to invite you to the rescheduled Laurence Seminar on ‘Collaboration and Ancient Literature’, which will now take place on Thursday 3rd–Saturday 5th June 2021. Please find the conference programme below; the abstracts can be viewed here.

The conference will take place entirely online (via Zoom) and with pre-circulated papers.

Please note that places are limited. By registering to attend, you are committing to reading the pre-circulated papers in advance. Each speaker will briefly summarise and reflect on their work, but the majority of each session will involve discussion of their written submission.

The registration deadline is 30 April 2021. Please sign up by completing this form, making sure to sign up using the same email address that you use for your Zoom account.

Papers will be circulated twice: once in early April for those who have already registered, and again at the start of May after the final registration deadline.

We look forward to ongoing conversations and collaborations through these trying times.

The Organisers: Tom Nelson, Talitha Kearey, Max Leventhal, Emma Greensmith


Collaboration and Ancient Literature

Thursday 3rd June – Saturday 5th June 2021

Laurence Seminar, Faculty of Classics, University of Cambridge

Thursday 3rd June

1.00-1.15: ‘Registration’ (Zoom open)

1.15-1.30: Opening remarks

1.30-2.30: Richard Hunter (Cambridge), ‘Who wrote Greek verse inscriptions?’

2.30-2.40: Short break

2.40-3.40: Barbara Graziosi (Princeton), ‘Sappho, networked’

3.40-4.20: Longer break

4.20-5.20: Irene Peirano (Harvard), ‘Epistolary collaboration in Ovid’s Heroides’

5.20-5.30: Short break

5.30-6.30: Francesca Martelli (UCLA), ‘Participation and residual media: the case of Cicero’s letter collections’

6.30: ‘Reception’ (break-out rooms)


Friday 4th June

11.15-11.30: Zoom open

11.30-12.30: Serafina Cuomo (Durham), ‘Ancient mathematics as a collaborative practice’

12.30-1.30: Lunch break

1.30-2.30: Tim Whitmarsh (Cambridge), ‘Cephisophon the sympoiētēs’

2.30-2.40: Short break

2.40-3.40: Markus Hafner (Graz), ‘Fathers and sons – and daughters: genealogical co-authorship, offspring metaphors and the language of legitimacy’

3.40-4.20: Longer break

4.20-5.20: Joe Howley (Columbia), ‘An agricultural theory of the enslaved amanuensis’

5.20-5.30: Short break

5.30-6.30: Rachel Love (Harvard), ‘Colluding with the enemy: Caesar, Hirtius, and the dangers of collaboration’

6.30: ‘Pub trip’ (break-out rooms)


Saturday 5th June

9.45-10.00: Zoom Open

10.00-11.00: Tom Geue (St Andrews), ‘Collaboration and collaborationism in imperial literature’

11.00-11.10: Short break

11.10-12.10: Frisbee Sheffield (Cambridge), ‘Plato and Hannah Arendt on collaboration and the ethics of argument’

12.10-12.20: Short break

12.20-1.00: Simon Goldhill (Cambridge), Closing remarks