University of Coimbra: Conference in Classics and Ancient History

Via Live YouTube! 21st century technology for a talk about 21st century Classics!

The Conference in Classics and Ancient History is happening from June 22 to June 25, at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of the University of Coimbra.  See the website for registration details.

This Conference welcomes panels covering a wide range of topics, from literature to philosophy, music and arts, theatre, mythology, textual criticism, and expects the participation of speakers from all the four corners of the world.

The Conference will take place in a hybrid system – meaning that the whole conference will be online, but some speakers will be present at the University.

The program of the Conference consists of a Welcoming Session (via Live YouTube), 22 panels (Zoom platform) and three keynote speakers (via Live YouTube):


The full Conference Program is available here.

(Conference Program, Abstracts, and Timetables of all 22 panels)


Keynote Speakers

June 22, 5:00pm (UTC+1)

Paul Cartledge (University of Cambridge)
What Have the Greeks ever Done For Us? Hellenic Legacy in 21st century context


June 23, 5:00pm (UTC+1)

Sophie Conte (University of Reims)
Dire et taire: stratégies auctoriales dans l’Institution oratoire de Quintilien


June 24, 5:00pm (UTC+1)

Douglas Cairns (University of Edinburgh)
Homer, Aristotle, and the Nature of Compassion



Closer to the date of the conference, we will publish a reminder and the link to access the conference online, which everyone is welcome to attend (within the limits of participants of the Zoom platform itself).