University of Durham Dept of Classics & Ancient History seminar series: ‘Portrayals of ‘Intellectuals’ in the Ancient World’

Durham University

Department of Classics & Ancient History


Departmental research seminar series in 2021/22:

“Portrayals of ‘Intellectuals’ in the Ancient World”


All guest lectures will take place online (via “Zoom”) from 17.00 until 18.30 h (UK time). Everyone is welcome to attend — for individual lectures as well as the entire series. Advance registration should be made via e-mail ([email protected]); a response will be sent together with the “Zoom” link, plus a project description and a short bibliography.



14 October 2021:

Rainer Thiel (Universität Jena, Germany) “Elementary philosophical teaching in late antique Alexandria”


21 October 2021:

Matthias Haake (Universität Bonn, Germany) “All over the Ancient Mediterranean world? The social figure of the intellectual in the Greek and Roman worlds from the Archaic period to Late Antiquity. A comparative approach”


28 October 2021:

Reviel Netz (Stanford University, US)

“Otium and civil society”


11 November 2021:

Katharina Volk (Columbia University, US) “Who is the wisest of them all? (Dis)claiming authority in Cicero’s Laelius de amicitia”


25 November 2021:

Matthias Perkams (Universität Jena, Germany) “Sergius of Rēš’aynā and the Mediterraneo-Mesopotamian intellectual networks around A.D. 500”



20 January 2022:

Courtney Roby (Cornell University, US)

“Hand over mind: technicals and intellectuals”


3 February 2022:

Thomas Schmitz (Universität Bonn, Germany)

“Lucian’s depiction of Greek intellectuals in the Roman Empire”


17 February 2022:

Peter von Möllendorff (Universität Gießen, Germany) “Dialogues of Gods, and Beasts: Lucianic ways of portraying intellectuals”


3 March 2022:

Carmen Cardelle de Hartmann (Universität Zürich, Switzerland) “Intellectual pursuits in Anglo-Saxon England: Aldhelm of Malmesbury’s antique learning”



28 April 2022:

Dennis Pausch (Technische Universität Dresden, Germany) “Vir litteratus avant la lettre? The emperor Claudius’ intellectual interests as elite self-representation”


For all enquiries, please contact Thorsten Fögen via e-mail ([email protected]).