University of Warwick: Work in Progress seminar series

We are delighted to announce the programme for Term 1 of this year’s Work in Progress seminar series at the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Warwick. Some talks will be face to face on the Warwick campus (OC1.06, The Oculus Building) and others will be online on Microsoft Teams, please see details below. All talks will begin at 1400 (GMT).

For any further information and links to join the online seminars, please contact the organisers:

Lucrezia Sperindio: [email protected]

Jacqui Butler: [email protected]


Work In Progress seminars 2021-22, Term 1:

13 October 2021, on campus (OC1.06)  

Giles Penman, University of Warwick (Chair: Kieren Johns)  

“Ancient imagery: commemorator of the dead and mobiliser of the bereaved after the Great War”

20 October 2021, online

Simone Mucci, University of Warwick (Chair: Manuela Marai)

“Conspicuous consumption of antidotes: Galen’s De Antidotis in the light of Veblen’s theory of the leisure class”

27 October 2021, on campus (OC1.06) 

Dr Eris Williams-Reed, University of Warwick/Newcastle University (Chair: Dr Clare Rowan)

“Inscribing ecological grief”

03 November 2021, on campus (OC1.06)

Matthew Evans, University of Warwick (Chair: Nathalia Kristensen)

“Inscribed name lists and the athletic training facilities on Delos”

 17 November 2021, online 

Alessio Ranno, University of Warwick (Chair: Lucrezia Sperindio)

“Corinthian myth in Pindar’s Olympian 13: tradition, imagery and poetics (O. 13.47-92)”

24 November 2021, on campus (OC1.06)

Dr Hannah Cornwell, University of Birmingham (Chair: Dr Consuelo Martino)

“Internal conflicts and collective identities in the late Roman Republic”

01 December 2021, online

Carlo Lualdi, University of Warwick (Chair: Jacqui Butler)

“A neglected god: a new interpretation of the Silen on the Lucanian nestoris F178”

08 December 2021, on campus (OC1.06)

Nathalia Kristensen, University of Warwick (Chair: TBC)

“Palmyrene coins? Attributing coins in museums to Palmyra”