Workshop: ‘The Senses, Pleasure, and Self-Discipline in Antiquity and Late Antiquity’

Workshop timetable: The Senses, Pleasure, and Self-Discipline in Antiquity and Late Antiquity

21/22 October 2021 

All times are British Summer Time


Thursday 21 October 

9:45 am welcome and introductions

10 am Sinem Kılıç: On Hearing’s Role in Plato’s Epistemology 

10:40 Mor Segev: Aristotle on the shamefulness of touch

11:20-11:40 break 

11:40 Enrico Piergiacomi: Epicurus’ self-discipline of waking, sleep and dream

12:20 Thea Lawrence: Asking for it: scent and consent in Martial’s epigrams

1-2pm lunch break 

2 pm Robyn Price: “Celebrate a holiday!” sensory indulgence in Ancient Egypt

2:40 Matthew Evans: The multisensory experience of athletic training in late-Classical and Hellenistic gymnasia/palaistrai: bodies, pleasure and the senses

3:20 Alexis Gorby: Sarcophagi and the senses: multisensory commemoration of the dead in Late Antiquity

4 pm chance for general discussion


Friday 22 October 

10 am Chiara Blanco: The final touch: exploring emotions in Euripides’ Alcestis

10:40 Olivier Demerre: Pleasure, seduction and stylistic theory. Clinias’ erotodidaxis in Achilles Tatius’ Leucippe and Clitophon

11:20 Clare Gardom: Shipwrecked on pastries and honey-cakes: Clement of Alexandria on taste 

12-1 pm lunch break 

1 pm Bettina Reese: Pure Senses? The role of the senses in the Neoplatonic way to the salvation of the soul

1:40 Jamie Marvin: The Emperor Julian on sense-perception and rational pleasures

2:20-2:40 break 

2:40 Carsten Flaig: Taste and the (im)possibility of self-discipline in Augustine’s Confessions 10.31.43-47

3:20 chance for general discussion


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