The Classical Association is offering three study bursaries for state sector teachers to take online A level Classical Civilisation with the National Extension College (NEC)

Please note that applications for this scheme have now closed

Learners enrolled on A level Classical Civilisation with NEC study the literature and culture of the ancient world, from epic poetry and ancient comedy, to cults, rituals and religion. Along the way, they make fascinating connections between the culture, politics, and society of ancient Greece and Rome as Homer’s Odyssey, Vergil’s Aeneid and the works of Euripides, Sophocles and Aristophanes transport them to the ancient world.

Through this course, learners critically analyse the issues and values that shaped classical civilisation and their influence on today’s world. They develop skills in presenting coherent, well-evidenced arguments and sharpen their critical-thinking skills. Now more than ever school students need critical-thinking for future employment and this A level will help teachers support them in developing these transferable skills.

NEC students achieved a 100% pass rate in A level Classical Civilisation in 2020, with 66.6% of students achieving an A* or A grade, despite the challenges 2020 brought in relation to the system of Centre Assessment Grades. The Classical Association is pleased to have the opportunity to partner with the NEC to support teachers to achieve this A level and continue to build on this record of success.

The Classical Association has three full bursaries available for state sector teachers who begin studying now and complete the Classical Civilisation A level in June 2022. At a time when teachers are busier than ever, the NEC course gives you the flexibility to fit your learning around your lifestyle and to study the OCR syllabus at your own pace, with a personal online tutor supporting you throughout. This provides an opportunity for personal development, an enhanced CV, and for enriching the support you can offer to students throughout your school. The CA will not only pay your course fees but also your exam fees, making each bursary worth an estimated £850 based on current course and exam fee scales. Exam fees are included on basis that your Exams Officer enters you for the exam. The CA will reimburse your school.  If you choose to use the NEC exam service instead, the CA will contribute the equivalent amount towards the NEC exam service fee.  You will be responsible for the balance of the costs of the NEC exam service.

To apply please write a 400-word statement explaining why you want to study Classical Civilisation online A level and how you will use it to benefit students at your school. Statements must be accompanied by a CV and the contact details of a referee who can either be your Head Teacher or Head of Department.