Omnibus 43

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Retrieving Pompey’s head: civil war in the Aeneid – Llewellyn Morgan

Profile: Liz Duffy

Gods and poets in the Odyssey – Barbara Graziosi

Profile: Eleanor Tollfree

Harry Potter, witchcraft, magic, and Classics – Phil Balmforth

You can see it in their eyes? Reading Roman portraits – Peter Stewart

Writing for posterity: Thucydides on Pericles – Emily Greenwood

Las Vegas’ Roman empires – Margaret Malamud

Reproducing Rome? Town planning and the Roman conquest of Italy – John Patterson

Money makes the world go round: how the Greek invention of money changed everything – Richard Seaford

Wounds and the artist: Ted Hughes and Greek drama – Lorna Hardwick

Enigmatic figures from central Italy – Guy Bradley

Sulpicia: the mistress writes back? – Mathilde Skoie

Did Comedy kill the philosophy star? – Ian Ruffell

Deciphering Delphi

Orpheus in the Underworld – Helen McCabe

Euripides’ Medea, divorce drama – Edith Hall

The Oxford Medea – Nat Coleman