Omnibus 46

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What crisis? Political dissent in the Iliad – Elton Barker

Performance disasters in the Athenian theatre – John Davidson

Sophocles’ Philoctetes: the cure on Lemnos – James Morwood

Classics and Politics – Alexia Petsalis-Diomidis

Classical and postcolonial tragedy: Euripides’ and Wole Soyinka’s Bacchae – Rachel Bryant-Davies

Unsung heroes in Aeneid 12 – Oliver Lyne

Bedroom farce – Brian Sparkes

Fancy meeting you here! Aegeus and Medea in Euripides’ Medea – Judith Mossman

Perils of Latin. No. 1: Hippy Security Guards at Rome – Gideon Nesbit

Harry Potter and the teaching of Classics – Tim Whitmarsh

The Crystal Palace – the Sydenham strip – Shelley Hales

How to win friends and influence people – Catherine Osborne

Vindolanda online – John Pearce

The politics of the Augustan building programme – Isabel Paintin

What makes a tyrant? – Tom Harrison

Prizes of £200 and £100 to be won: Gladstone Essay Prizes, 2004