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Public libraries in the Roman world – Matthew Nicholls

The money page: £200 essay prize & Bursaries for Roman Archaeology

Lucia Nixon interviews Philip Pullman

Homeric encounters: Thersites and Odysseus – W.N. Herbert and Robin Osborne

Have you heard about …?

Like father like son: Philip II and Macedonian thuggery – Lynette Mitchell

Cicero the advocate: court-room metamorphosis – Chris Burnand

Paul in Athens: Christianity in a classical context – Teresa Morgan

Caroline Vout in Rome

Phaedra’s suicide note – Matthew Wright

Digging for the King? Early excavations in the Bay of Naples – Viccy Colman

Truly, madly, deeply: the ghostly love of Ceyx and Alcyone – Bob Cowan

Homeric encounters: War and peace in the Iliad and Michael Longley – Oliver Taplin

Latin, Greek, and … Harry Potter

Discovering Roman towns in Italy – Martin Millett

Homer goes to Hollywood – Joanna Paul

Homeric encounters

Website watch – Gideon Nesbit