Omnibus 48

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An Achilles for the new millennium – Pantelis Michelakis

Cassandra – Lucy Duggan

Rome v. Carthage: an epic enmity – Ben Tipping

Prizes of £200 and £100 to be won! Gladstone Essay Prize

Ancient Olympics: modern myths – Richard Miles

At home with Nero – Caroline Vout

Pentheus in Bacchae: puritan or prurient? – Scott Scullion

Pompeii – Robert Harris

Homeric Encounters 3: Priam encounters Achilles – U.A. Fanthorpe and Penelope Murray

Competition: where did Zeno go wrong? – Nicholas Denyer

Why do heroes in epic poetry visit the Underworld? – Eleanor Powers

The ‘strife of cups’: Greek vases at the symposium – Amy C. Smith

What didn’t the Etruscans do for us? – Judith Swaddling

Presocratic philosophy: a versy short introduction – Catherine Osborne

Arms and the Hobbit: J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings and the classical epic – Monica Gale

Did you know …?

Waiting for Oedipus – David Doyle

An extra scene for the Frogs – Lloyd Hopkins

Homeric encounters