Omnibus 49

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Advising on ‘Alexander’ – Robin Lane Fox

Giving directions in Euripides’ Hecuba – Philomen Probert and Eleanor Dickey

The Romans and us – Robert Harris

Ascanius in the Aeneid – Rebecca Armstrong

What if …? – Neville Morley

‘A man of large appetites’: the Cyclops in popular culture – Kim Shahubudin

Fashion and the cutting edge of Classicism – Verity Platt

Ascanius in tartan – Anne Rogerson

‘The education of Greece’: reading Pericles’ Funeral Speech – Liz Potter

Redefining Roman statues: reading the tombs of freed slaves – Jo Crawley Quinn

A Roman post-mortem – Adrian Hollis

On the walls of Troy – Michael Donaghy and Emily Greenwood

Tragic pain – Felix Budelmann

A magic square for Plato – Kenneth Kelsey

Gladstone essay prize