Omnibus 50

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Thinking with the number 50 – Paul Cartledge

Classics without context: an exercise in ancient art – Caroline Vout

The complex Oedipus – Helen Morales

Significant gestures: Roman rhetoric and the body – Tim Whitmarsh

Greek mythologies: time and place – Simon Price

Unearth the riches of Thorikos – Alastair Blanshard

The flight of Aeneas – T.J. Leary

Hellenic Society 2006 Schools Art-work competition

Power-dressing in ancient Greece – Robin Osborne

‘Through the keyhole’: love and literature in Pliny’s life of letters – Katherine Clarke

Recent developments

Knowing virtue – Ralph Walker

Mezentius – the man you hate to love – Bob Cowan

Classics for computer nerds

How not to bore your audience: notes for tragic script writers – Pat Easterling

Seneca’s imaginary friend – Catharine Edwards

Homer the psychologist – Robert Parker

A short history of Omnibus

Euripides’ Orestes, Oxford Playhouse, 12-15 October 2005