Omnibus 51

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Abuse in Athenian democracy – Jon Hesk

Roman sewers and the politics of cleanliness – Mark Bradley

Getting away from it all – everything, that is, except Classics!

Homeric encounters: Hector and Andromache – Barbara Graziosi and Carol Ann Duffy

£200 and £100 Gladstone Essay Prizes to be won!

Recent discoveries

Zenobia – queen of the desert – Stephen Chambers

Interesting fact

Antinous – face of the classical antique

Classics for computer nerds

The ‘Mycenaean’ civilization – Laura Preston

Amazing getaway

Telling tales on Europa – Michael Squire

Tragic and real-life families – Sarah Grisman

Hot and sticky in Swindon

Freedom and slavery in Martial 11.39 – William Fitzgerald

Locating Alexander (the Great) – Diana Spencer

Horace Odes 1.3 and Vergil’s Aeneid – David Hodgkinson

Displaying divinity: emperor-worship in the Roman empire

Livy 30.12-16: Masinissa becomes a Roman – Jane D. Chaplin

High tea in Pompeii