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Looking at Trajan’s Column: from imperial power to divine inspiration – Jessica Hughes

Greek and Latin at The Language Show

Spartan militarism – a modern mirage? – Stephen Hodkinson

Ovid’s error: Actaeon, sight, sex, and striptease – Jennifer Ingleheart

Nausicaa: victim, helper, or temptress? – Adrian Kelly

Finding Odysseus

Greek and Latin News

Constantine the Great: Rome’s first Christian emperor? – Lucy Grig

Men from Mars and women from Mercury in Sophocles’ Electra – Isabelle Torrance

Tacitus, Tiberius, and Augustus – Elly Cowan

Latin Rap – Eugenie Howard-Johnston

Atia – Peter Wiseman

The Sirens: threatening song – Hannah Rosenfelder

Hot pants in Latin

Lucretius: primal seeds – Bill Milner

Making an ass of oneself: Apuleius’ Metamorphoses – Ian Repath

The thrill of Greek – Matthew Adams

Mithras, or ‘The Passion of the Bull-slayer’ – Ted Kaizer

Ritual and money in Aeschylus’ Agamemnon – Richard Seaford

More hot pants …

Humour, translation, and Aristophanes’ Wasps – James Robson

The Archimedes palimpsest