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Greek homosexuality – James Davidson

Aeneas and the (eleph)ants – Emily Gowers

Watering down the past: the mosaics from Zeugma – Will Wootton

What’s so funny about Latin then, Alex?

‘Wrath-kindled gentlemen’: anger and disorder in Homeric society – William Allan

Gladstone Prize 2006

Cicero detective? – Lynn Fotheringham

3200 and £100 Gladstone Essay Prizes

Was Roman fish sauce rotten? – Sally Grainger

Are Greek historians biased in their presentation of the enemy? – Pranav Sood

Philogelos: does this make you laugh?

Send a virtual votive from the murderous grove

Plato on the media – David Sedley

Heracles transformed: Ovid and Sophocles – David Raeburn

Counting of votes, Athenian style – Mogens Hansen

Grave issues in classical Athens – Susanne Turner

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The old jokes are the best

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