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The powerlessness and the glory in Iliad 24 – Oliver Taplin

Becoming Roman, staying Gaulish … and taking heads – Simon James

Tell me, Muse … Story-telling in the Odyssey – Karen Ní Mheallaigh

Troy II: re-fighting and re-writing the Iliad in the Aeneid – Bob Cowan

Ancient and modern: digital reconstruction of the Classical past – Matthew Nicholls

Philosophy as a preparation for death in Plato’s Phaedo – James Warren

Why did Socrates have to die? Politics, philosophy, and drinking-parties in Xenophon – Jon Hesk

Words and deeds.  The power and weakness of Cicero’s oratory – Matthew Fox

Ancient and modern: democracy in Athens and Britain – Leo Davidson

Polybius on Rome v. Greece – Robin Osborne

Electra’s lament – Richard Rutherford

Mycenaeans on the Bronze-Age world stage – Christopher Mee