Omnibus 57

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Greek tragedy and its audiences – Lorna Hardwick

Petrarch and the ghosts of the classical past – Philip Hardie

After Hadrian, its Marcus Aurelius!

Who wore jewellery in Roman London? – Lacey Wallace

Athenian imperialism in the fifth century B.C. – Peter Liddel

Ovid’s Metamophoses metamorphosed – Rebecca Tatlow

When did Vesuvius erupt? – Melvin Cooley

Minoan women in control? – Christine Morris

Euripides and the lionesses – Matthew Hiscock

‘I am a number’: Horace, Homer and the walk-on in classical literature – Luke Pitcher

Surprising Hedius Verus: how Roman statues worked – Peter Stewart

Allusive tears in Homer’s Iliad – Bruno Currie

Deceit, ignorance, and interpretation in Aeneid book 4 – Ruth Parkes

Classical mythology contorted – Helen Morales

A salpinx for the Olympics – Peter Holmes

Gladstone Memorial Essay Prize 2009: £300 to be won