Omnibus 58

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The humour of the Odyssey – Angus Bowie

A good man in Africa: Aeneas arrives in Carthage – Stephen Harrison

Classics news

The character of Achilles – Laura Swift

Letting it all hang out (or not) – Alison Sharrock

The mystery of the temple of Zeus at the sanctuary of Nemea – Michael Scott

To the victor the spoils: the cunning of Themistocles – Ralph Anderson

Conquering Greece: a Persian perspective – Johannes Haubold

Omnibus interviews Gail Trimble

Catullus 22: on (not) judging a book by its cover – Monica Gale

Tragic bits and pieces – Alan H. Sommerstein

Socratic sleights-of-hand in Plato’s Republic – John Dillon

Caesar, Alexander, and Pompey: the making of a dictator – Catherine Steel

CSI Roman Syria: archaeology of ancient chemical warfare – Simon James

Doctor Cicero – James Morwood