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Icarus as artwork – Caroline Vout

Self and society in the Iliad – Douglas Cairns

Epic meals – Oliver Thomas

‘The spirit of Man’: the classical hero of the Great War – Elizabeth Speller

Classics news

Did Euphiletus murder Eratosthenes? – Fiona Hobden

Men in skirts and brutal rebellion in ancient Greece – Michael Scott

‘Men in skirts’ disrobed: narrative history and source criticism – Tim Whitmarsh

Fighting in the marketplace: warriors as traders in the Iliad – Daniel Silvermintz

Agrippina’s last words (rpt.) – Chris Whitton

More classics news

Cleon: an unscrupulous and vulgar rabble-rouser? – Adam Lomax

Rodin and classical sculpture – Stephen Chambers

Euripides and the power of persuasion – David Carter

Prizes of £200 and £100! Gladstone Memorial Essay competition 2010

Ovid on Icarus